Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why VoIP is a Smart Choice

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, the routing of a voice conversation over the internet. VoIP simply allows you to use the internet to talk on the phone. You may be wondering, why VoIP? I already have a phone line, so what if I can use the internet to call and talk with people?

There are many advantages to using VoIP Broadband for phone calls. One is the cost. In general, VoIP phone services cost far less than a traditional phone line. Another big plus is that VoIP to VoIP phone calls are free which means that the sooner everyone begins to use this service the cheaper everyone’s phone bill will be.

There are also benefits when it comes to the functionality of VoIP phones. For starters, you can connect to the VoIP network regardless of where you are as long as you have a high speed internet connection. This means if you go on vacation you can bring your phone with you and connect to the internet to accept incoming calls on your regular number at the same rates as if you were home, no matter where in the world you are.

Another advantage is that there are free phone numbers available for VoIP use in the US, UK, and other countries. Call center agents with a VoIP phone can work from anywhere as long as they have a high speed internet connection. Along with all this, VoIP gives you lots of extra services for free, where regular phone companies would charge you such as 3-way calling, automatic redial, call forwarding and etc.

This is why VoIP is a smart choice and has been taking the world by storm recently.

by Heather Moore

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Internet Broadband Speed – Slower than Indicated by ISP

You’re sick and tired of dealing with slow speeds and poor customer service from your ISP. We know you are because we also a broadband user. The most common problem seems to be advertised speeds from an ISP not living up to claims. but it seems every ISP is culpable. In essence, you’re not alone.

We have some advice on what to do when faced with this problem.

What to do?

Employ a credible quickness tester to test your speeds. You can download a user friend version through or Think Broadband.

Once you determine what your precipitation is and whether it is satisfactory you entail to begin your ISP’s formal complaint plan. You may wish to establish off by calling Customer Advantage. Stay calm on the telephone and create meticulous records of the first and at the end title of the person you talk to, the period and age of the call and the details relayed to you by the customer service representative.

Using the records you’ve kept, lay your complaint in writing. Photocopy or save the correspondence before you advertise it and lay it in a document with your other notes. Double analysis the location you are sending the send to so it arrives at the correct department. Be certain to add a words which says you expect a written response from the association in no less than 30 days.

You can as well learn more about your consumer rights by reading this article in Pc Active Magazine.

Legal stance

If the official complaints procedure does not work or you are still unsatisfied with service from your ISP, you can take the company to the small claims court under the Supply of Goods and Services Act. Damages you may be entitled to receive include: switching fees refunded, compensation for the time your connection was down and compensation for poor customer service.

The cost to go to little claims court is encircling £30 however you can lose more than just your money going this route. You can waste lots of essential date and end up losing the folder in the end anyway. In that example you may as well have to pay the company’s legal fees as well.

On the other plam, most suppliers won’t require to contest contractual issues in a miniature claims court. And most suppliers won’t desire to establish a precedence for this kind of folder so you might be able to lay gone of court.

Be confident to remember the supplier has a loop hole for supply speeds. In their advertisements they employ the passage “up to” when describing the supply.

Condition: “We offer speeds of up to 8Mb.”

This process they are not in fact guaranteeing the celerity. Eventually, ISPs will have to become more accurate in this area however for instantly it seems they are legally covered. That doesn’t mean you don’t have the correctly to catch them to court if you feel their side of the contract has been breeched.

Slow Speeds

There are distinct reasons why you might be experiencing slow speeds. Your supplier is imaginable to tell you it’s due to your call path, software on your pc or a laundry list of other reasons. The excuses usually don’t assist nevertheless there are some things you can do to boost your precipitation .

Switch Speeds

As a endure ditch effort you always have the option to upgrade your existing package or switch to another provider which offers faster speeds. On our celerity tester, Virgin Media ( ) seems to have the most consistent speeds.

In Conclusion

Begin the official complaints procedure with your ISP, keeping detailed records. Draft a correspondence to your ISP and advertise it, including a passage asking that your complaint be responded to by writing in 30 days. If you cannot resolve the occupation, consider miniature claims court however remember ISPs do not guarantee speeds within a contract.

(Take a quick broadband speed test)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Internet Phone Service Provider

Have you hear about BroadVoice™???

BroadVoice allows residential and business customers to use their cable modem, DSL modem, or other BroadBand Internet connection to make and receive Voice over IP (VoIP) phone calls using an ordinary touchtone telephone.

Bring Your Own Device™ (BYOD™) plans allow customers to connect their own SIP devices, including IP phones, softphones, and Asterisk PBXs. SmartSIP™ and SecureSIP™ technologies by BroadVoice optimize the routing of network voice traffic, providing the best possible quality voice transmission for each customer's phone device, and automatically configures BroadVoice Authorized BYOD™ devices.

BroadVoice has multi choice packge for user to pick up like Unlimited In-State, Unlimited USA, Unlimited Word, etc. You can go visit their webiste here.

BroadVoice offers low prices and an easy-to-navigate site with easy-to-understand billing... [Y]ou get free calls to 35 countries and directory assistance and the small, light, travel-friendly adapter takes up no more room than a couple packs of playing cards.

For people who keep homes in Manhattan, Paris, and Madrid - or just know those who do - BroadVoice is the cheapest full-service way to banter, parler, or hablar. It offers unlimited calling in the US and to 20 other countries, mostly in Europe, but also a smattering in Asia and the Americas, plus Australia. You can add 14 more countries for an extra $5 per month.

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San Francisco, California July 26, 2006: Largely due to the integration of computer-telephony networks and communication tools, enterprise hardware spending has rebounded from the slow economic growth that plagued much of the market in 2001-2003.

According to Internet News, revenue for enterprise equipment reached $98.3 billion in 2005 and is expected to reach $121.7 billion by 2009. Fueled by next generation technology and the need to replace aging hardware, voice-processing equipment also rebounded in 2004-05. Following three years of steady declines, Computer-telephony integration (CTI) was the fastest-growing piece of the enterprise market in 2005, with a 10.5 percent increase to $5.7 billion.

According to a study conducted by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), earlier this decade most enterprise equipment was relatively new; however, by 2004, leases were expiring and companies were seeking to upgrade to newer technology. Products from the late-1990s like the Cisco AS5300 VoIP Gateway were being upgraded to newer models like the Cisco AS5300 for improved performance and fuller feature sets. Currently the AS5350XM, with an even faster processor, has replaced the AS5350 as the cutting-edge gateway in the family.

Interest in IP telephony has also exploded largely in part to the overall value and cost savings, as well as additional features such as virtual numbers and videoconferencing.

These service options offer Telcoms as well as cable and internet service providers (ISPs) the opportunity to diversify their product offerings and explore additional revenue streams. As more companies engage in marketing aimed at bringing digital phone service to the mainstream, we can expect to see demand for the hardware that powers the digital phone revolution to increase in kind.

With solutions like VoIP and video conferencing emerging as the future of business communication, companies are increasingly transitioning towards newer technologies in order to maintain a competitive advantage in their market. Anticipating the total revenue from enterprise equipment to reach $121.7 billion by 2009, TIA predicts the demand for legacy technology such as PBX to drop in over-all market growth to a mere 1.1% by the year 2009. While in the short term, IP/converged systems will incrementally boost PBX sales, once the installed base becomes predominantly IP, we will see a sharp decrease in replacement demand for these older technologies.

While many companies have already embraced this new technology, much of the mass-market is still uncertain of the reliability and ease of use associated with VoIP technology. Unlike the technology-savvy market segments, which have been generally accepting of this new technology, the average consumer still needs reassurance that the benefits of computer-telephony can be easily integrated into their present communication lines. For instance, questions surrounding access to 911 emergency services has been a major factor in the acceptance rate of digital-phone service. With industry cooperation, and a targeted marketing campaign to increase awareness about the advantages of VoIP, the average user will be more comfortable with the switch from traditional telephony.

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Voice Over Internet Phone Service And Technology

What is VoIP?

Voice over IP service are commonly referred to as PC to phone calls, voice over IP service is the newest thing in the technological world incidentally VoIP is the transmission of voice through the internet or other network systems, this new features of VoIP that allows users to make calls over converged voice-data networks also makes it the next logical step in the communications domain that should naturally progress to the use of wireless VoIP.Using voice over IP, any computer or telephone connected to the internet with a broadband connection can call another computer or phone at a fraction of usual cost, or absolutely free.

Voice over IP service allows for: video conversation, conference calling, call forwarding, automatic redial, and caller ID all at no or little extra cost. You can send messages and data in parallel with phone conversations using simple computer interfaces. Secure calls can also be made easily using internet telephone.

VOIP services are now focusing on moving PC to phone calls out into the realm of cellular services and moving away from the home and office. Cellular providers have begun to make hay while the sun is shining on them since cellular services are very useful where Wi-Fi is unavailable. More and more local phone companies are also jumping into the fray and providing their own VOIP services to compete with the bigger names. Also, companies are specializing in providing voice over IP service to both the home and business segments.

When using voice over internet protocol you will see a huge reduction in costs when compared with those of traditional cell tower technology and internet phone. voice over IP service can be installed easily in minutes on any phone system. There is certainly an expectant buzz throughout the user domain about the possibilities as well as advantages of using wireless VoIP and, it calls for mainstreaming it into everyday life at the earliest.

This technology is bound to have a huge impact on our lives. There is no escaping the fact that this new technology will, according to market research results, have as many as 50 million WiFi enabled handset users who will be using wireless VoIP by the year 2009. Will this technology really meet its potential and will the benefits of this technology really fructify in the near future, only time will tell. In theory, it will provide users with many advantages that include reduction in the costs of making calls as well as higher bandwidth data transfers.

Nevertheless, VoIP is poised to make great strides and it is expected that over seven million new voice over IP subscribers may be added by the end of this year and, large carriers are getting into the mix, increasingly. It will only need roaming-friendly networks, as well as broadband connections to make voice over IP service widely available.

What you need to know about VoIP phone service

The rising buzzword in the Internet district, nowadays, is VoIP. What does it mean? How does it affect your lifetime or affair? VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is telephone sevice that uses broadband Internet connectivity to dial.

Using VoIP call assistance would assist you save hundred to thousands of dollars on your monthly affair telephone or residential call bill.

VoIP providers are competing against each other to bring you the best VoIP plans. VoIP also know as Internet Phone Service.

There many type VoIP service some using software install into your computer and some have physical device to use. If used software install into computer you need internet broadband to used it. That come some people call VoIP as broadband phone.

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